Shropshire views

The view out across Shropshire has to be seen to be believed - a real hidden gem. The Windmill is on the summit of a ridge which rises from the valley of the River Severn, encircled by hills, the Stiperstones and the Devil’s Chair, Cornden, the Long Mountain, the Breiddens, Middletown Hill, Rodney’s Pillar, the Berwyns, Nesscliffe, Grinshill and the Wrekin - can all be seen on a 360 degree panoramic horizon.

After soaking up the view you can then take a stroll to the actual windmill - and for the more energetic, on to the village of Alberbury and back for another pint at the pub...For those looking to relax - just soak up Shropshire; with a pint brewed in the county, meat reared in the county and one of Jane's puddings made at The Windmill - perfect...

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